Terms and Conditions


By signing or sending this Rx slip (or a substitute thereof):
I unconditionally agree to abide by all terms and conditions listed below: Solitaire Smile Dental Lab, is not liable for loss of case, delay in delivery, Product related issues, Incidental or consequential damages , including but not limited to inconvenience, lost wages, chair time or pain and suffering etc.


All statements are required to be paid in full by the due date. Any amount not paid by due date will incur 2% finance charges (annual rate of 24%) per month, and the account shall be automatically placed on Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) terms. Orders (including all pending cases) on past due accounts will be delivered C.O.D. basis with past due added. All cases will be billed in stages and should be paid in full according to stage . All cases and items sent shall remain the property of Solitaire Smile Dental Lab, until client’s account is paid in full. A minimum of $50.00 will be charged for returned checks & late payment.
All disputes shall be subject to laws of State of New Jersey, and jurisdiction shall reside with Federal and State Court in New Jersey. Prevailing party in the dispute shall be entitled to, in addition to any damages or relief, to reasonable expenses and attorney fees from the other party.


Repair or replacement: within 5 years for CAD-CAM Prosthesis and 3 years for all other Prosthesis. Veneers & e.max are covered for a period of 1 month only.


  • Prosthesis must be delivered by a licensed, practicing dentist.
  • Patient must follow regular follow-up schedule (cleaning and exam) in the dental office of a licensed and practicing dentist.
  • Each regular follow-up visit must be documented in the patient-chart by the attending entist. Upon request, such documentation shall be available to Solitaire Smile Dental Lab for review.
  • Re-Make, Re-do No refund policy: Original case must be returned with new impression for remaking or re-doing the case.

To get the credit: Dental prosthesis must be returned to Solitaire Smile Dental Lab, with model work etc.
Remake or Re-do of the cases are covered for 5 years (CAD CAM Prosthesis) and 3 years (All other Prosthesis), subject to return of the original appliance/prosthesis with new impression and details of the case such as patient’s name and original date of delivery or trial. If you use original appliance/prosthesis as a temporary restoration for your patient, the warranty shall be void and the case/prosthesis will be treated as new case and charged in full. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties , whether expressed or implied and shall not be modified by any agent, employee, representative or distributor of Solitaire Smile Dental Lab.

Solitaire Smile Dental Lab : NORMAL TURN AROUND TIME.

  • All Fixed Restorations upto 3 units: 8 working days
  • All Fixed Restorations over 3 units 10 working days


All Shipping Prices are based on using our Shipping Account and Shipping Labels only. If you use any other account or shipping carrier and method, Solitaire Smile Dental Lab, shall not be responsible for any price guarantee for shipping.

  • Ground Shipping/FedEx 2nd Day Delivery: 2-4 days each way based on the shipping Zone
  • Next Day Air Shipping: 1 Business Day (Extra charge will apply)
  • Saturday Delivery: Extra Charges will apply


RUSH: means 8 Business Days turnaround time.
Rush cases are subject to additional charge of $ 65 and up to 3 units. For detail, please call us or refer to our price policy (Only for zirconia products).


  • The Price for Semi Precious and Precious metal crowns are based on up to 1.0 grams of alloy weight. If there is large restoration or full gold crown weighing more than 1.0 grams, there will be additional charges for all alloys in excess of 1.0 grams per unit
  • Full Metal Cast: Labor plus actual alloy charges. No minimum allowance.
  • Semi Precious and Precious metal charges calculated based on current market rates revailing while invoicing.


  • Please fill-up the Rx with all details. Include Impression, Bite registration, opposing Arch and Study Models.
  • Please disinfect the impression before shipping. We do not accept un-poured alginate impression.
  • Please check impression for void and margin integrity
  • We recommend use of solid tray over triple tray impression
  • Do not use triple tray for bridgework. We recommend full Arch solid tray impression for Bridgework or for multiple units of crown & bridges.
  • Must Include proper Bite registration with every case.


  • Please complete the Rx with all information Including office address, doctor’s name, signature, patient name, and shade if applicable etc.
  • Delay of the case may occur if Rx has not been filled in properly, to process the case.


  • We will provide you the access to our web based software for Case Search, Statements etc.
  • Provide us the updated contacts of office and Doctors

Email us at : info@solitairesmile.com or Call us at 1.844.765.4824
if you have any question For more info: please visit us at: www.solitairesmile.com

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