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Introducing new generation 3D printed Valplast® Dentures.
Valplast is the world’s leading brand of flexible partial denture - a brand that technicians, dentists and patients have trusted for over 70 years.Every Valplast partial is digitally designed and utilizes 3D printed technology that yields a more precise, better fitting appliance with fewer adjustments.Unique patent-pending techniques are used for post-processing and bonding the teeth into the denture base making it the strongest flexible partial denture available.
  • Can be used with digital impressions for increased precision and ease of use
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Restorations are designed and fabricated entirely in the United States with FDA registered and CE marked materials.
  • All 3D printed flexible partials carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the base resin under normal use
Complete Dentures
SoReal Complete Dentures offer patients elegant denture teeth that can be gender and age customized and have natural tissue contours.
  • Built to promote self-cleansing with a natural tissue appearance
  • The patient’s features are the starting point for the custom arrangement of denture teeth
  • Better long-term stability is ensured by Injection-molded processing for gap-free adaptation
  • Optional CAD/CAM denture fabrication ensures a perfect fit and less office visits
Flexible Partials
Tcs® flexible partials are popular with patients as well as dentists. Each thermoplastic appliance is indicated for use as a removable full or partial denture in place of traditional acrylic.
  • Incredibly strong, durable and works organically with the body
  • Provides a natural match for the patient’s natural tissue
  • The Thermoplastic injection provides an ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues
Combination Crowns & Partials
We have a special team of PFM and removable appliance technicians who work on combination cases and ensure the results you receive are beyond your expectations.
  • They are recommended for partially edentulous patients when crowns and partials are indicated
  • Ideal for patients who want concealed metal partial clasps
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